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Security and trust:

We are fully aware of the fact that the client fully relies on our products. The quality management system guarantees the safety of our products and services, ensures that the client is provided with a product or service of high quality and meeting all relevant requirements and standards. The quality features of our products and services are tested by an independent and competent staff of the Technical Inspection. Our products and services are delivered to the customer with reliable inspection documentation issued in accordance with technical standards.

Guarantees of meeting quality requirements:

  • quality system of welding, in accordance with PN-EN ISO 3834-2,
  • qualification certificate for the production of steel structures in accordance with the German standard 2451-CPR-EN1090-2014.1581.003,
  • a number of approved welding technologies,
  • authorizations to repair and upgrade components of low pressure and non-pressure equipment,
  • cooperation with suppliers providing only certified materials.

By continuously improving the existing solutions and procedures, we strive to ensure that our clients are confident that the company is a trustworthy and reliable partner. Our Clients' growing requirements are the basis for our actions.


Conformity of the Factory Production Control CPR-EN 1090


Welding quality system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3834-2


Production of devices and welded structures dedicated to the defense industry in accordance with DIN 2303

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